Numbers and Numbers and Numbers and the Three (3)

It is trite that the Chinese has a fascination with the number 8 and Sydney has an increasing population of migrants of chinese origin. Real estate agents (and councils)  bend over backwards to accommodate the “feng shui”. Be that as it may, however, I beg to differ, as I think that the numbers three (3) and nine (9) are even more significant. Three (3) can sound like alive/ferocious and nine (9) like longevity. Better than eight (8) wealth, is it not?

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Further, in the so-called westernised tradition, three is also significant, especially in the Judeo-Christo religion and worldview. Three is the Trinity, three the number temptations thrown Jesus’ way, and also three the number denials by Peter (the Rock). This has extended to sermons and public-speaking whence three is the usual number of “points” to be delivered.

As an indication of my eccentricity, I endeavoured to register this DomainOfMyOwn on 29th February 2016 (Leap Year Day) and start/begin this Blog on the 3rd March 2016. The latter date is quirky as it consists of either threes (3’s) or multiples of threes (3’s), ie, 3rd (first 3), March (another 3), 2016 which is 2+1=3, 6=3×2, 2+0+1+6=9=3×3, 2016 is also divisible by 3=672, which adds up to 15 (a multiple of 3), 7+2=9, 672 is divisible by 3= 234, which adds up to 9 (divisible by 3) and 2+3+4=9!!! Voila! 234 is divisible by 3= 78 and all good things come to an end.

Now, I am really pushing it: 7+8=15, a multiple of 3 and 1+5=6, a multiple of 3. 78 is divisible by 3=26 which is not a multiple of 3 and 2+6= 8 not a multiple of 3. Alas!

But may I remind you of the 3rd of the 3rd of 2016, what a beautiful series of numbers!!!

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